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Why Hub?

Ever since the inception in Jan 2017, we have hosted over 600 events and workshops that have brought our community together to celebrate art, music, culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

With over 15K followers and over 5000 unique visitors each week, when you choose to host your next event with us, you don't just book one live workshop, you leverage our entire events platform. Our amazing events team with over three years of experience hosting some of the most diverse events in the world will help you with everything from designing creatives to perfecting your delivery online and even give you a digital copy of your entire live session after the event. 



With the Corona Pandemic causing us to Stay at home for an extended period of time, we thought we would help our community maintain social distancing without loosing their minds and take our events online!

Introducing Virtual Events & Workshops!

Meaningful connections

Connect with your audience directly in an ad-free and troll-free environment. Enjoy healthier, kinder, more meaningful interactions.

Creative control

Create what you want and what your audience loves. You don’t have to conform to popular taste or the constraints of ad-based monetization models.

Reliable income

Generate predictable income from your work through members who pay you a monthly subscription.

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T     testimonials

Janet Orlene, Ink Weaver

The Hub has been my dreamatorium where we collaborate to make big ideas, bigger.

Saad Pasha, Fluffy Nut

A unique Pet Friendly Property in the heart of the city. Pet Adoption Drives and Pet Meet ups are just some of the awesome events we have hosted  for over the last 3 years! 

Saffin Mathew, Ted X

I have worked with The Hub on hosting everything form Ted x, Beer Yoga, Craft Candle Making Sessions to Educational Workshops. The One thing that is always the same is the epic vibe once you walk in the doors!

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Take a peek at some of our events

Ready to move offline? 

Choose from over 9 amazing venues in Bangalore or our amazing events team can help book you spaces across the country. 

Workshop Studio

Large spacious room perfect for workshops and meet-ups, perfect for upto 12 people.

Meeting Room

State of the art meeting room with latest audio visual capabilities, perfect for meeting and presentations upto 8 people.

Sky Terrace (Tent Section Only)

1800 sq.ft of enclosed tent space, flexible and customisable for all kinds of events.

Sky Terraces (Lawn & Deck Section Only)

3,200 sq.ft of open to sky lawn and deck area lit up with beautiful star lighting.

Sky Terrace (Covered Section Only)

Over 5000 Sq. ft of covered terrace space with an uninterrupted view of some of the best green views Bangalore has to offer. 

Terrace Gardens

Over 4000 square foot rooftop space Illuminated by gorgeous LED strips & fairy lights renders anyone speechless! 

Sky Terrace

Over 13,000 square foot of roof top events spaces can be highly customized. 


This 350 Square foot Glass Room on our Terrace is perfect for intimate gatherings of up to 30 people. 


Indoor Lobby Space with an eclectic vibe with over 120 light fixtures floating in the sky. Can be customized to suit any requirement. Can accommodate 10-200 pax.

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Meet Vikram, Head of Events & Partnerships.


He's always on the prowl, looking for creative hungry and quirky folks who want to bring ideas & concepts to reality.

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