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Why Hub?

Ever since the inception of our event spaces in Jan 2017, we have seen over a 300 events that have brought our community together to celebrate art, music, culture, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Spread across 9 mind-blowing venues, each one oozing out a charm of their own! When you choose to host your next event at The Hub, you don't just book a space, you leverage our events platform and our amazing events team with over three years of experience hosting some of the most diverse events in the city.

Attend Our Events

Escape monotony, make friends, and have fun at our exclusively curated events.

We regularly host events for our community members and work with upcoming event organizers to organise unique experiential events that bring people closer together. 

A few examples of the kind of events you can expect at The Hub:

-> We host incredible in house events:

One of our favorite events is The Community Huddle. This is a big partyyyy! Usually a Saturday night or a Sunday Brunch with good music, open bar, free food and lots of fun games and prizes. It's a great way to meet fellow members and to get to meet interesting people from Bangalore! The Huddle is an open event where everyone is invited :)

-> Community Experiences:

These little community-building activities are exclusively for Hub members and are not open to the public.
We organize weekly experiences such as Free Treat Thursday's, Cook off's, Ping Pong Tournaments, Movie Nights, FIFA tournaments, and other fun activities. There is always something going on at The Hub!

-> Collaborations with outside event organisers:

We love working with and supporting up-coming event startups, artists, brands and NGO's! 

We are always collaborating with outside organizations or performers to come showcase their talent! Past events we have hosted include- rooftop movie screenings, Ted X events, flea markets, stand-up comedy nights, poetry slams, story telling sessions, book signings, house concerts, workshops, and much more!

Centrally Located

Fully Equiped Spaces

Can accommodate 10-1000 People.


In-House Cafe

Audio-Visual Support

Digital Marketing Support

Access to our Dynamic Member Base

Brand Collaborations

Outdoor or Air Conditioned Spaces

Furniture and Stage Setup

Check-in and Guest Management

Lighting & Decor

Kickass Aftermovies

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Choose from over 6 amazing venues

Sky Terrace (Tent Section Only)

1800 sq.ft of enclosed tent space, flexible and customisable for all kinds of events.

Sky Terraces (Lawn & Deck Section Only)

3,200 sq.ft of open to sky lawn and deck area lit up with beautiful star lighting.

Sky Terrace (Covered Section Only)

Over 5000 Sq. ft of covered terrace space with an uninterrupted view of some of the best green views Bangalore has to offer. 

Terrace Gardens

Over 4000 square foot rooftop space Illuminated by gorgeous LED strips & fairy lights renders anyone speechless! 

Sky Terrace

Over 13,000 square foot of roof top events spaces can be highly customized. 


Indoor Lobby Space with an eclectic vibe with over 120 light fixtures floating in the sky. Can be customized to suit any requirement. Can accommodate 10-200 pax.

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Take a peek at some of our events

Hubba 3.0
Hubba 3.0
Free Treat Thursday
Free Treat Thursday
Meeting Room
Yoga on the Terrace
Community Dinner
Hubba 3.0
Hubba 3.0
Hubba 3.0
Art with Sooraj
Lunch at Coco Jumbo
Sellable Art Workshop
Dog Grooming Event
Hubba 3.0
Yoga on the Deck
Childrens Day
Children's Day
Futsal at Our Community Huddle
Blindfolded Conversations Event
The Hub Carnival
Community Huddle
Open Sky Slam at The Hub
Community Huddle
Community Huddle
Co-living at The Hub
Community Huddle Team Photo

T     testimonials

Janet Orlene, Ink Weaver

The Hub has been my dreamatorium where we collaborate to make big ideas, bigger.

Saad Pasha, Fluffy Nut

A unique Pet Friendly Property in the heart of the city. Pet Adoption Drives and Pet Meet ups are just some of the awesome events we have hosted  for over the last 3 years! 

Saffin Mathew, Ted X

I have worked with The Hub on hosting everything form Ted x, Beer Yoga, Craft Candle Making Sessions to Educational Workshops. The One thing that is always the same is the epic vibe once you walk in the doors!

Meet Vikram, Head of Events & Partnerships.


He's always on the prowl, looking for creative hungry and quirky folks who want to bring ideas & concepts to reality.

Want to learn more about how you can host your next event at The Hub?

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   Retail Hub- Talk to us if you want to explore the future of retail 

We can incubate accelerate and support New Retail Startups and work with legacy brands to help take them online and boost engagement and brand recall. 

Vending Machines 

Experiential Retail 

IOT and UPI enabled Self Serve Kiosks 

Rent a Rack (Self space )

Fulfillment Service for Online Retail

Omni Channel Retail 

Warehousing and Storage of Inventory 

Photo Shoots and Cataloguing of products


Brand Collaborations & Tie Ups 

Instagram Retail 

Pop ups and Fleas 

Experiential Retail 

Beta style store with demo 

Photography Video graphy and story boarding of your brand and product

Brands we have worked with

Big Names




Event Org

Flea Companies 

Next Level 

Omega On

Big Basket Vending 


Ice cream Honey nectar 

Chai Point 

Coffee day 

Zed the Baker


other free treat partners 

Bohat Coffee Cullet Proof Coffee

Cat new cookie brownie lady and more 

hire a head of retail and make him her head this with the help of one intern 

Have a QR and UPI System and all the walls near entrance and plaza and high foot fall areas have glass boxd safe sealed boxes with products to see and tablet with video and sensor or tv with info about 5 products 

in lobby have on one rack a open trust market shop with ipad and UPI Code and account set up Shop and go 

Flea Markets @ The Hub - Flea Away 

Open Air Rooftop Green magical Setting

Good Afternoon.


This is regarding the premium flea market at Byg Brewski, Hennur.


The event spans over 3 Sundays,18th and 25th of August as well as 1st of September. The average footfall on each of these days is expected to be a minimum of 2000 per day. 


The demographics strictly require a premium or handcrafted experience at each stall. 


Examples of confirmed stalls itinerary include Agar Oudh, Attar, kombucha, silk carpets, handknit shawls, spices and honey, artisanal soaps, gourmet pickles, etc.


Stall provisions:

- The stalls that will be set up will be 10ft x 10ft.

- A white canopy will be provided. Two tables and seating options will be provided at the venue. More tables are available at request.

- Lighting will range from warm to off-white. Vendors are free to request for any special lighting requirements.

- plug points will be provided at each Stall.

- Two food bands worth INR 4425 will be provided to stall operators



Please note that all stalls are required to meet a certain presentation standard. The best-presented and curated stall of the day receives INR 4000 concession.


The breakdown of the charges for setting up the stalls are as follows:


1 Sunday- ₹8,000/-

2 Sundays- ₹15,000/-

3 Sundays- ₹20,000/-



The stalls are required to be set up by 12 pm and can be taken down anytime the Stall operators prefer, up to 11 pm.


If there is any query regarding the following details, please feel free to contact us. 



Please fill in all the details on the form in the link for confirmation (subject to a first come first serve basis and the venue art director) - STALL ENGAGEMENT REGISTRATION FORM

Have a great day!



David Thomas

+91 8281431809

Runaway Experience


as we want to have a 2 days filled with lot many activities for kids and there mothers and few live performances as well with shopping and food stalls.


and rest decor and stage set up we will take care.

We would be happy to provide you with Canopys Tables Chairs Lighting Music and a Mike for an EMCEE to use as well. 


Price would warry based on which one fo our venues you want to use and on what dates. 


The price range you can expect is between 50,000 to 75,000 for two days for our smaller rooftop that can accommodate 15-20 stalls and 100,000 to 150,000 for two days on our larger rooftop that can easily accommodate up to 80 stalls. 


And don't worry about promotion- we always love to help with that :)


Let us know the dates you have in mind and we will check and get back to you on availability!


Make a retail pitch email with photos and text and pricing bank details etc 

                     What you get?

Icons of 




Decor and venue set up 

Audio Visual set up 



UPI Payment Infrastructure 

Ticketing and Guest Management 

We love meeting retail entrepreneurs both to Pop-Up that you're planning to host on Saturday, May 9 2020 at our Coco Jumbo Rooftop Space.


As discussed, please find deliverables from our side:


1. Tables & Chairs

2. 5 Canopies (10x10)

3. Basic venue lighting + Fairy lights

4. Drinking water + Tea / Coffee for event hosts & stall owners

5. Social Media Promotions

6. If you need plug points for certain stalls, you will have to tell us in before the setup


Also, please remember that if you choose to have food stalls, items should not clash with Coco Jumbo since they will be food partners. I'll be happy to introduce you to the owners of the cafe to discuss any food requirements.


Cost = INR 50,000 + 18% GST; Total = INR 59,000


In order to book the venue, please make a 50% advance payment of INR 29,500 as soon as possible since we get a lot of enquiries. Balance should be transferred by April 1, 2020. Bank details are as follows:


Account Name: M/s.Feazzo Holdings
Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
Account Number: 7312954038
IFSC Code: KKBK0008066
Account Type: Current


We look forward to working with you and making this event a success! :) Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to assist.





                  One sections Called Promotions:

Social Media and Promotion help 

Radio Shoutouts 

Newspaper listings for your event

Instagram Ad campaign to increase reach 

Email and SMS marketing 

Fb Marketing 

Access to our members who live and work on site

ability to tap evet attendies when we host workshops 

we can plan workshops on same days to pull crowds