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Events: Pets Edition

We’ve conducted over two dozen events for our furry friends in the past few years.

Our Mascots

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Zuzu, 7


      Your heart

Flew all the way from LA to Bangalore with my dad Azaan Sait. You can find me right at the centre of where the ladies are in the park. 10/10 chance that I will steal your girl with my love bites.

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Elsa, 4


      Your heart

I was adopted at an adoption drive at The Hub, and now I’m the little princess around here. I’ve been told my eyes are the prettiest because I always get my way with treats even if I don’t do any tricks.

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Pups of Hub

We’re building an active pet-friendly community both in our offline and online spaces. We’re focused on covering everything under the sun from pets to their pet owners. We’re all about storytelling - this community is a celebration of all the pets and we love sharing their stories.

All our properties are pet-friendly and we host a range of events like adoption drives, flea markets and whatnot. Walk in to our property anytime with your furry friend, perhaps for a playdate with Zuzu and Elsa, our in-house puppers. Or take a stroll through our Instagram community and become a part of it.

Shoots for pets at our Creator Studio

We have the perfect setting for professional shoots, especially for our paw-some friends.

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We cater to a large community of pet-owners and pet-lovers which helps us amplify the stories of all things pet-related.

Our Work