• Samyukhtha Sunil

We’ve got an exciting new project for all you creators out there!

The Hub has been synonymous with many terms- Community, Culture, Art, Business and more. We are always on top of social media trends and are the biggest patrons of the collaborative economy. Now what if we told you that we are creating a space where budding creators/brands can converge at for all the news and guidance that they require? What if we told you that we are building an online library for artists, musicians, content creators, influencers etc..to find the latest news in every space of the creative industry?

If that sounds too good to be true, you're not going to be disappointed by what you're going to hear next. Over months of playing in this creative field has prepped us, groomed us and informed us of how to approach our challenges. And we can only call ourselves a community if we pass on that knowledge, make you guys a part of that experience.

We are currently a work in progress, a story in the making. We are spending every day, browsing and carefully curating pieces of news that will benefit our community of content creators. News that can inspire and news that can give you that push towards making your digital presence heardSo drop into our inbox with news that stirs your thoughts and start a dialogue with us, we are excited to make you a part of this experience!

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