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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Fear of losing livelihood and going out, insecurity for oneself and loved ones, stigma towards people with symptoms of cold and cough, and a compulsive need to hoard groceries are some of the instances which are impacting people’s mental health - The Hindu

As we all know, the ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of a huge number of people. The constant fear & stress has resulted in a steep rise of various types of mental health issues among people throughout the world. Since mental health is not prioritised by the many, it holds a strong root within them as it is not being addressed.

We at The Hub Bengaluru wanted to help our community understand the importance of acknowledging as well as addressing their mental health issues. Hence, arised “The Mental Health Project”!

“The Mental Health Project” was a series of Instagram Lives in collaboration with Fortis Mental Health wherein we brought on influencers from our community to go Live with a team of psychologists at Fortis Mental Health.

In this series, we discussed various topics regarding mental health as well as facilitated workshops for our audience such as ‘Introduction to Mental Health’, ‘Art Therapy’, ‘Anxiety for Athletes’, ‘Relationships today’ & ‘Parenting - children and adults dealing with the Lockdown’.

Mental illness may be even more common than we think. Many mental health challenges are likely underreported. There are a number of reasons for this. They include differences of opinion within the mental health field about the characteristics of these disorders, as well as changes to how we study them across populations and cultures. We also have a long way to go before we create a culture where stigma no longer prevents people with mental illness from getting assistance. - Psychology Today

If you are someone or know somebody dealing with mental health issues, we request you to get support and assistance in addressing your problems. Let us all end the stigma of not getting assistance during the time when we need it the most.

Don’t forget to watch the sessions of “The Mental Health Project” - The Hub Bengaluru X Fortis Mental Health on our IGTV.

Stay tuned for more!

By Juveria Nain

Virtual Intern

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