The Enbies X Award Categories

If you follow us on Instagram, you are aware about what we at The Hub have been hustling on these past few weeks & are delighted to share with you the 15 award categories under The Enbies 2020 powered by Maybelline New York!

Here’s what the 15 award categories stand

for & their importance:

SOCIAL KINSHIP (Creating Safe Community Spaces)


(Providing Essential Services to Society)

ENBY ROUND TABLE (Trans Welfare)

MITRUDU (Non-binary Allyship)

LIGHTHOUSE (Digital Queer Advocacy)

HASHTAG WARRIOR (Digital non-binary

LGBTQ+ Action & Advocacy)

TRANSFORMER (Overcoming Adversity)

NAAZ-E-QANOON (Celebrating LGBTQ+)

SOCIAL KINSHIP (Digital Queer Advocacy)

LnM AWARD (Literature & Music)

MEGHADUTA (Representing Non-binary on a World Stage)

RANG RASA (Performative Art)

BEAUX ART (Visual Art)

BODHI SCION (Exceptional Leadership Qualities)

We hope you all are just excited as we are for The Enbies 2020 powered by Maybelline New York!

Come forward & show us your support in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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