Pursuit of MY happyness

from the diary of our newest member (yet)

Having spent the last 4 years indulging myself in various aspects of management, business development, L&D etc, I never realised the stint I would share with the creative world. I found my creative expression sprouting up in tiny bits (while managing and being the lead vocalist for my own band, go on, call it a flex, I’ll allow it)

I always found myself finding the whackiest creative solutions even for the smallest of occasions. It sparked an enthusiasm I could not express. I decided to act on it one day and launched my very own passion project called ‘Just Proposals’ which, as the name suggests, was about curating just the most important day of most people’s lives, no pressure, super chill!

Jokes aside, starting this project was a doorway to my creative self that I had left unexplored for all these years. I found myself contributing my heart and soul into making every client’s idea into the best version of its reality and nothing brought me more joy.

Cut to a couple of months later, I found myself walking into the hallway of The Hub Bengaluru. With an open mind, a curiosity to learn, and an unknown journey ahead, I was thrilled to say the least.

I soon discovered like-minded people and found myself letting go of my inhibitions and growing, both professionally and personally.

I walked in as an intern and in just a matter of two months, rumour has it that my boss is already looking to onboard me full time! There is so much that comes true when you enter every experience in your life with an open mind and believe truly in your potential.

Taking that leap of faith and switching paths has been rewarding in more ways than you can expect, and with that kind of a goal in mind, I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds for me.

Until then,


Trishna :)

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