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At the #HubLive on Instagram, we hosted holistic health & fitness LIVE sessions in association with Health Coach - Dr. Ritika Kalra, a lifestyle consultant who specialises in yoga, naturopathy and nutrition.

Ritika has over 10 years of experience in treating and managing a myriad of cases from heart diseases, hormonal issues, sports nutrition, weight gain & weight loss. Having spent over a decade in healthcare and wellness, she is a one-stop solution with an integrated approach to health and fitness.

On the #HubLive, Ritika facilitated numerous health and wellness sessions like : Laughter yoga, breathing, meditation, sleep, holistic health and many more!

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday were a treat to all the health, wellness as well as fitness enthusiasts in our community as Ritika didn’t leave any stone unturned when it came to bringing quality content on our page. From bringing on guests from various sectors of health & wellness to demonstrating the sessions practically, Ritika helped our community to stay healthy & fit throughout the initial stage of the lockdown.

Shoutout to Health Coach Ritika Kalra for coming up with such innovative sessions & keeping our audience engaged!

Check out @thehubbengaluru on Instagram to watch Ritika’s sessions on out IGTV

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