Orange Juice Diaries

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Orange Juice Diaries by Dame & Max in collaboration with The Hub Bengaluru.

Dame & Max is a Bangalore based design and media studio run by Ridhii Paul and Priyanka Vinod. With our expertise in design, we have created Orange Juice Diaries as an online venture that explores the multi-layered world of art and all the wonders inside it. Ultimately, what we have created is a safe space for artists to tune into the stories of people in the industry, in hopes that it would inspire them to push their boundaries and try new things with their artistic skills and abilities.

Through live interviews, it presents art via the lens of art exemplars that have transformed the world with their unique visions. So far, Ridhii has interviewed Kii Arens - a graphic designer and videographer who has been designing all the cool artwork at @coachella for years, Patrick Abbattista - Founder & CEO of Design wanted which is a digital media recognised as one of the most influent voices in the Design sector, on a global scale and many more!

Know a a creative mind we would love to bring on? Dm us!

Tune in to the OJD to catch super talented artists tell us their story!

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