On women dominating streetculture

A couple of decades ago, if one were to talk of street culture, it was a no-brainer for one to realise that it was an all boys club. Men populated the space so densely right from art, hip-hop, streetwear, and even sneaker culture that it was almost became a gender-centric realm.

Cut to today’s age and time, the evolution of society and its trends has resulted in the fluidity of gender in spaces such as street culture. The boundaries are being blurred as more and more women are entering this space and making it their very own! This would be nearly impossible without those women who played an instrumental role in making this shift happen. It was their sheer curiosity, eagerness and an unbreakable spirit that pushed them to disrupt spaces that were defined by gender.

Iconoclasts such as Vashtie Kola, Martha Cooper and our all-time favourite Rihanna have been powerhouses that have aided this shift to happen. Women have had to struggle and shatter the ceiling even in this realm due to the lack of support and representation from brands and peers.

Contemporary digital spaces are now becoming more welcoming of women entering the sneaker culture, making it far-less intimidating and hostile than it once was. Women are now shaping streetwear conversations and becoming the core of it, breaking down the invisible walls set to a seemingly progressive community. This really urges us to think and to ask fundamental questions of how certain cultures and communities use gender as basis to build and grow.

The street culture is now on its rise in India and the people who enter these communities today are free-thinking and open to change and ideas. Women owned streetwear stores such as Capsul are have been indications of monumental transformations that this community has undergone and we’re truly living for this change!

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