As you all are aware, hosting a virtual event is the essence of the current times. We at The Hub have tried to conquer hosting one & we'd prefer to state that it has worked in support of us!

To start with, take a moment to pause for a minute and breathe out. While innovation makes distant tasks simple, it's likewise critical to comprehend the outlook and initiative needed to deal with a remote team.

Let us begin with spilling out our secrets:

  • While hosting a virtual event, effective internal communication is fundamental. Make sure that your team is on the same page as you.

  • Sit down & plan a theme for your virtual event. A plan includes what the virtual event is focused on, who to collaborate with, for how long & how the creator/brand is going to benefit you.

  • Reach out to creators & brands to collaborate with.

  • Try not to construct complex section components. The more complex it is to attend, the more the drop out.

  • Construct an explanation behind them to watch the event. Let's be honest, if there is an event that I can watch as a video, why see it live? The crowd consistently has an all the more squeezing errand to do. Hence, the virtual event must have a “you can't miss this second”.

  • Get Social by spreading your word using Instagram & Facebook Ads. Don’t forget email marketing as it plays a very important role in informing people from different walks of life.

  • Organise contests to grow engagement & awareness of your event.

  • Sit back & relax because it is going to be a kickass event!

As we discuss facilitating virtual events, we'd love to enlighten you about a virtual event we're right now chipping away at - The Enbies, a non-binary virtual awards show conceptualized by Elton J Fernandez, an award-winning Hair & Makeup Artist.(attach link)

Now you can have a stunning virtual event and offer this with any individual who needs to have one as well. On the off chance that you are hoping to have a virtual event dm us to facilitate your experience!


By Juveria Nain

Virtual Intern

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