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Hello readers,

I’m super excited to share all the new things we have going on at The Hub over the last few months. In January we officially split our business into two- OFFLINE which is our Real Estate businesses and, ONLINE; our digital initiative.

Offline, we continue to provide game-changing spaces for Co-Living, Co-Working, Events, and Storage. All with our signature flexible contracts, scalable payment terms, community support, and the convenience of plug-and-play set-ups!

Online we are working on two verticals:

  1. A Creative Agency: Here we hope to do for other brands what we have successfully done for our own brands. We have slowly built up a team of ever-ambitious creators with skills in everything from Cinematography to Graphic Design and a whole lot more!

2. A Media House: The vision here to create great content and tell amazing stories. We want to build a community around the best content creators and local brands in the country and celebrate upcoming creators and the strategies they use to gain the most important commodity today- ATTENTION!

Although our off-line business has pretty much been on ice for the last 12 months, we continue to see make great strides in our digital efforts! We have onboarded multiple clients and currently on a run rate of reaching more than 3 million people a month across all our platforms.

That reminds me, our awesome Copy Writer Samyukhtha has started a sick new Newsletter that sends you a weekly email covering the latest and greatest in the Creator Economy space in the country. Sign up by visiting:

Okay, enough about us, we would love to hear what you are doing! If you are a creator or entrepreneur looking to scale your brand and grow your reach, DM us today to get your work featured and start building your very own community :)

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