The Enbies 2020: India's First Non-Binary Virtual Awards Powered by Maybelline New York held on 10.10.2020 was a huge success!

We at The Hub Bengaluru are proud to have been associated with The Enbies. We had a very productive experience while working on a virtual award show.

Here’s a quick recap of the event:-

  • Prayer & poetry recital by Laxmikant Bongale.

  • A conversation about “Why this matters & Why now?”.

  • Award 1: Transformer Award (A non-binary individual that has overcome great adversity and emerged to use their voice and platform for greater good.) won by Akkai Padmashali.

  • A challenge given to Zeeshan Ali by our host Elton J Fernandez to finish a theatrical look under 30 minutes.

  • Award 2: Bodhi Scion Award (A young Indian that shows exceptional leadership qualities, regardless of non-binary status, who affects greater global change by championing for the environment and a better world. One World One Future.) won by Waylon D’Souza.

  • Award 3: Hashtag Warrior Award (This award recognizes substantial digital non-binary LGBTQ+ action & advocacy that is current and relevant to the issues faced by the Queer Indian community at present. ) won by Krupali Bidaye.

  • A hilarious performance by Glorious Luna & Lush Monsoon.

  • Captivating rap performance by RajaKumari.

  • Award 4: Rang Rasa Award (A Sanskrit term that embodies “the essence and colour of art & aesthetics,” this award brings focus to any incredibly beautiful piece of non-binary performative art or art in motion that evokes deep, unexplainable emotions.) won by Navin Noronha.

  • Award 5: LnM Award (The Literature & Music award recognizes musicians, singers, composers, writers, poets, authors, publishers and related non-binary LGBTQ+ superstars!) won by Dr Ruth Vanita.

  • Award 6 & 7: Beaux Art Awards(2 no’s) (the plural of beau, ‘beaux’ stands for visually beautiful/ handsome. Visual non-binary art that advocates for the larger community. This could feature filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, architects, directors, painters, illustrators and craftsmen.) won by Apurva Asrani & Gazal Dhaliwal.

  • A mesmerising mixed metals musical performance by Alisha Batth.

  • Award 8: Naaz-e-Qanoon Award (Urdu for “Pride of Law,” this enby award celebrates LGBTQ+) won by Alternate Law Forum(accepted by Arvind Narrain).

  • Award 9: Meghadutta Award (Sanskrit for ‘Cloud Messenger,’ this award celebrates any LGBTQ+ individual of Indian origin that represents a non-binary worldview on a global stage and thereby making India proud.) won by Dutee Chand.

  • Award 10: Social Kinship Award(Individual) (An LGBTQ+ individual that goes above and beyond the call of personal duty to provide familiar safe spaces.) won by Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

  • Zeeshan’s final reveal of the drag look.

  • Award 11: Social Kinship Award(Organisation) (an organization that goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide safe, diverse & inclusive spaces to build community experience.) won by the Naz Foundation(accepted by Anjali Gopalan).

  • Melodious musical performance by Anushka Manchanda.

  • Award 12: Mitrudu Award (Telugu for ‘friend’, this award recognizes true on-ground and consistent non-binary allyship by cishet allies.) won by Sweekar Rainbow Parents(accepted by Aruna Desai).

  • Award 13: Lighthouse Award (Young organizations that act as beacons of hope via substantial digital queer advocacy, inclusive on-ground activity and by fostering a sense of community.) won by Ya All Northeast(accepted by Sadam Hanjabam).

  • A conversation about the Enby Health Fund (In addition to the award categories detailed above, the Non-Binary Awards will also set up an ‘Enby Health Fund’ in partnership with an appropriate Mental Health Practitioner, that will be made accessible to minority groups within the LGBTQ community for professional counselling/ therapy sessions.)

  • Talk with all the jury members - Shobhna Kumar, Sushant Divgikr, Praful Baweja, Zainab Patel & Aditi Rao Hydari.

  • Award 14: Chinna Chinna Aasai Award (Based on A.R.Rahman’s song from the film Roja, Chinna Chinna Aasai is Tamil for “Little Hope”. This award is for non-NGO minority groups with limited resources and fewer privileges, that work to build agency while providing any service to society.) won by Dancing Queens Mumbai(accepted by Sachin Awasthy).

  • Award 15: Enby Round Table Award (this is a cash prize category. The award will be presented to an organization that focuses particularly on Trans welfare/ empowerment/ rights advocacy/ skilling/ employment etc.) won by Tweet Foundation(accepted by Abhina Aher).

  • A soulful musical performance by Sona Mohapatra & jury member Sushant Divgikr.

  • Thanking the sponsors, tech & community partners and PR partners for the amazing work they’ve done.

We’d like to congratulate all the winners & thank all the jury members for their wonderful contribution on behalf of The Hub Bengaluru!

Catch the awards ceremony here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWWtAbQeuyI

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