Editors note: Dear creators, we've got you sorted!

Well, it’s here now. The moment we have been waiting for. To be very honest with you, curating news in today’s time and age is no ordinary task. There is a news/media platform sprouting up in literally every corner of this digital realm and there’s no stopping anyone. Anybody can become the harbinger of news and updates today and it is YOU dear reader who has to choose your platforms wisely.

Every baby step we took inched us closer to the minds and thoughts of young creatives like yourself and our aim for the media house is to carry on that vision. Without further ado, we present to you, our very own media house. A space for everyone, made by everyone. This is essentially your handbook, a guide, a map or just a little trigger to stir up your creativity. This is everything but another a news page trying to drown out your creative voice. Rather, consider this as your new virtual buddy, a collective of ideas, tips and stories that gets you on track towards your creative pinnacle. We bring to you the choicest curation of stories and thought stirring pieces from the world of media, technology, culture and music every fortnight starting today. If that sparked even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm, you are the next patron of this creator economy. So hold on tight, we’ve got some ceilings to shatter and some milestones to cross!

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