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Hub Labs was created to / born out of the need to - leverage our fantastic community of co-livers and co-workers. Our vision is to take small ideas and simple thoughts and try to push the boundaries to see how we can make a bigger impact. Some of these projects have become a feature of our core offering and others could strive to just use our amazing community as a platform to launch off of. 

We love working with purpose driven entrepreneurs and organizations who are trying to disrupt the status quo. 


Current Projects

UpNDown - Intimate Private Event Spaces to celebrate life's special moments.

Hub Fitness: Health and Wellness Workshops focusing on Functional fitness, Yoga & Meditation. 

1st Collab with Bangalore Functional Fitness

Pet Meet Up's

A quarterly event that brings together some of the best folks in the pet space. Hundreds of pet lovers from across the city along with their furry friends meet to have a fun day under the sun. With exclusive games, activities, fashion show, vaccination drive and even special pet food stalls. 


Creator Studio:

Community Management Company

Community building workshops and end to end community mgmt 

Hub-Shop & Hub Cafe 

Beta starting March 1st 2019 

We will work with a handpicked bunch of local brands in millennial focused products. Shelf space to display products across 3 properties safina plaza The HUb and Safina Business park with an estimated footfall of 5000 people a day. accepting applications now. Starting with 6 brands spots. You must have a story, a cause and a mission.

-> Display space in multiple locations with high footfall. AI enabled technology to share your products story with customers and take orders. 

-> Gain traction and visibility with access to over 250 members 100,000 followers on social media. 


-> Flat monthly placement fee and commision on products sold. or no. 


-> Hub Cafe for people to use by the minute.  

               Are you a mission driven entrepreneur / brands. 

                    Think you got what it takes. Apply now!



Ground Up Coffee

Bengaluru merchandise