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We like to celebrate every little success. 
We like moving fast but we leave no man behind.
It gets loud out here!
Sometimes by eliminating wrong answers we can reach the right one!
We set our values together and work as a team to achieve our goals. Join us in shaping the future of shared community spaces in India.

OK, here's our description of the ideal person to join our team:

Your ability to analyze customer behavior through qualitative data and number crunching is outstanding. Your google drive skills are superb.

You are flexible, like to hustle and are willing to go out of your way to make our members happy. 

You're passionate about startups and technology and subscribed to the best marketing, startup, or tech blogs.

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Azaan Sait

Happiness Officer

Bharat Gowda

Community Director

Vikram Nandakumar

Events &


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Ayman Chaudhary

Community Manager

Nahla Maaty

Marketing &


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Juveria Nain

Content Distributor

Samrudh Simha




Tanya Jacobs



Zuzu & Elsa




Join our team!

How to Apply

Whether you want to work on PR, Social Media, or Events- Full Time or as an Intern, we want to know what makes you tick. 

We build and manage shared community spaces to Live, Work and Play (Events & Activities).


Since January of 2017, we have built out an amazing community of over 200 awesome people that now call The Hub their Home. We have slowly become a hub for all kinds of activities and events that bring people together and create community. Our mission is simple- to design spaces that bring people together, and to give them a platform to connect. We are looking for highly motivated self driven passionate people to join us in our journey building out these concepts.


In the Community Living Space, we have launched The Hub Bengaluru. At The Hub we provide fully furnished living spaces with great amenities on a flexible monthly memberships. In Less than 6 months of launching, we are running at almost 100% capacity!

In the shared workspace arena, we launched our first Co-working space on September 1st 2018 and already have over 16 startups and an amazing community of freelancers that call The Hub their home.


In The Events Space area, we have over 6 unique and intimate venues- between our open air rooftop venues and chique indoor venus, we got you covered. We are still in the early stages of building this concept and are looking for someone with a creative drive but also perseverance to help us accomplish this. Our vision is to be the most versatile, unique and comprehensive event venue in town. We want to act as a platform for creative people with an idea to be able to express themselves and connect with the community around them!


Enough about us. We want to know how your mind works!

Want to join our amazing team and work at one of the most dynamic startups in Bengaluru?

Here is your chance, get cracking!

1. Take a look at our website, instagram page and FB page and really understand what we do. It is crucial that you really, really get what it is we are trying to do before you submit your application.

The Hub Bengaluru @ Safina Plaza

Website: www.thehubco.live

FB and Instagram:  @ The Hub Bengaluru

Shoot us an email to:


Things to include in the email:

-> Write us a cover letter describing why you want to be part of our team. 

-> Send us your resume

-> Links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and any other social profiles you want to share!

We are growing our team rapidly and look forward to getting to know you!

Grow with us.

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